My name is Albert Kestenholz. My mission statement is very simple with organic roots. "Judge me on my works not my words." It is that simple!

Words I live by with or without a camera. I have been blessed with a healthy family, wife and a small army of children. All of those real world "life experiences" helps contribute to the total package delivered. I get it...I lived I can craft the emotion with imagery. The newbie's are still wet behind the ears.

Zealimages has been built entirely by word of mouth and is referral based at the core. No hard sales or pressure. We do it because of passion hence the name "Zeal". It's that simple...If you want to read more, go right ahead but smoke and mirrors never impressed me. Results do!

A great photographer is a historian; able to capture a “moment” or “expression” that will never be repeated again in time. I have a professional eye for such moments and have built my reputation around those principals. It is my goal to provide you with your personal and memorable moments in history.

Although I have been a photographer for many years, photography is much more than the years of experience. It is the art, beauty and feelings portrayed within my work that makes what I do so special.

Photography is a part of who I am. I have a strong passion for photography, to turn your authentic moments into memories that will be treasured for a lifetime. Each shoot inspires me, capturing unique stories behind every picture taken.

I mainly find myself getting a lot of referrals for themed weddings or larger high volume assignment work. When asked for clients's opinions on they responded, “You're so calm…You're having fun...You look happy…Who else would be able to get 300 guests with results?” I never thought of it like that. I guess I was in my element and I didn’t realize it.

Zealimages has shot it all:
* On Location Assignments
* Extreme Sports
* Event Production
* Commercial and Industrial
* Editorial
* Portraiture
* Fundraisers
* Charities
* Event Photography (Large and Small)
* Religious Events
* Weddings
* Parties
* Equestrians
* Watercraft
* Pro Wakeboarding

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